If your realme smartphone won't connect to Wi-Fi network

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1.Make sure that your router is on and you're within range.

2.Try the Wi-Fi network on other phones. If other phones fail to connect to this Wi-Fi network, contact your network operator for help.

3. Check if you have input the right password for WIFI. If a saved Wi-Fi network cannot be connected, forget this network, then enter the password and connect again.

4. Go to [Settings] > [App management] > [App List] > Click on two vertical dots in top right corner > [Show System] > Scroll Down to [WiFiTools] > [Storage Usage] > clear data and cache. Then try connecting the Wi-Fi network again.

5.Restart the phone.

6.Check and make sure the router is connected to the modem. Restart the router and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network again ten minutes later.

7.Check and make sure that each cable is connected firmly and not damaged. Try reconnecting again.

8.Back up and transfer your data first, then reset your phone to factory settings.

If your realme smartphone won't connect to Wi-Fi network

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