IPL 2021 Free Live Streaming: How to watch IPL matches live for free on your smartphone | 100% Free No Charges at All | Free for All

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 has been started and you can watch the matches live free. You can watch the cricket matches live on your television through Star India’s sports channels. 

As a lot of IPL fans won’t be able to watch the cricket matches in the stadium, we have mentioned 100% working free IPL 2021 streaming. You can watch the IPL 2021 matches live online at home.

IPL 2021 Free Live Streaming How to watch IPL matches live for free on your smartphone  100% Free No Charges st All  Free for All

As we know Like last year, you can watch IPL 2021 online on Hotstar's official website and on App. However, on Hotstar, IPL 2021 streaming is only free for the first 10 minutes. After that, you have to pay an amount to watch.

If you have that much money you may pay and watch. We also recommended that way. Well as we know Disney Plus Hotstar holds the exclusive rights of IPL 2021 live streaming in India. You can use the streaming service to watch IPL 2021 on mobile phones. 

Disney Plus Hotstar app is available for download for free from Google Play Store and App Store on Android mobile phones and iPhones respectively.

Here in this article, we are going to share the trick, Where you can watch free IPL without any cost. Follow the below steps.

1. Download the app from this link

2. Once downloaded, Install on your phone.

3. Do not give any permission to this application. Make sure the app should not use your background data.

4. Now open the application

5. Click on the IPL icon

6. You will see various language options like Hindi, English, Tamil.

7. Choose your language and watch free IPL.

8. If you not able to watch, Restart the application or change the channel

9. Hurray !!! You are done

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