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Saturday, 10 June 2017

JioFiber Unlimited for 3 month GBPS Speed officially - Jio Fiber Booking,Price,Plans,How to Apply/ Register

         The reliance jio impact on telecommunication company very evident - so every service provider had to drop the price, offered more data and free calling.After jio 4G VoLTE blasting offers now jio offer high-speed broadband with a fiber network. The terrible GBPS speed with free 3 months subscription.Officially jio launched its fiber network with naming "jio fiber".

Image Courtesy: PCmag

As from official notice JioFiber - Preview offer (Ultra High-Speed Internet Service)

- Free 100Mbps connection with monthly 100GB  data (Speed post 100 GB data will be 1 Mbps)

- No charges for 3 months

- Residential Gateway with latest WiFi standard for a refundable security deposit of 4500/-

Image Courtesy : Gadget360

There is lots of local internet service provider, who provides the internet with good speed but downtime is not a rare event, and customer complaints usually take a long time to resolve.Also, there is FUP limit after crossing limit the internet goes very slow.

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans & Prices

    Jio Giga Fiber Speed-based plans.
    Jio Giga Fiber Volume-based plans.
    Jio Giga Fiber special broadband plans.

Image Courtesy: JioPrime

Jio Giga Fiber Speed-based plans

Jio Fiber 50 Mbps Plan
50 Mbps   2000 GB Limit 
Rs. 1500 - 30 days

Jio Fiber 100 Mbps Plan
100 Mbps  1000 GB
Rs. 2000 - 30 days

Jio Fiber 200 Mbps Plan
200 Mbps   750 GB
Rs. 3500 - 30 days

Jio Fiber 400 Mbps Plan
400 Mbps   500 GB
Rs. 4000 - 30 days

Jio Fiber 600 Mbps Plan
600 Mbps - 300 GB
Rs. 5500 30 days

Jio Giga Fiber Volume-based plans.

5 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 1000 - 30 days

10 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 2000 - 30 days

20 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 3000 - 30 days

40 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 4000 - 30 days

60 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 5000 - 30 days

Jio Giga Fiber special broadband plans.

Rs. 500 600 GB Limit     
15 Mbps Speed    30 days

Rs. 1000 500 GB Limit     
25 Mbps Speed    30 days

Rs. 500 3.5 GB/day Limit     
N/A 30 days

Rs. 500 N/A
60 Mbps Speed    30 days

Rs. 800 Unlimited Limit     
N/A Speed    30 days

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