Paytm 25% cashback up to ₹100 on booking of Movie tickets


Paytm 25% cashback up to ₹100 on booking of Movie tickets

Offer Details:

  1. Use Promo code “AXISMYZONE” and get 25% cashback up to ₹100 on booking Movie tickets
  2. Under this offer, eligible Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Cardholders can avail a monthly benefit up to ₹100 (per credit card account per month) and a maximum of ₹1200 in a calendar year (per credit card account per year)
  3. Cashback will be posted to customer’s Axis Bank MY Zone Credit card within 7 business days of a successful and eligible transaction
  4. This offer is valid till 30th April, 2021 (23:59 Hours)
  5. To be eligible for the offer, users must pay the entire bill value using their Axis Bank MY Zone Credit card.
  6. Offer is valid for only on movie ticket bookings made on Paytm website or Paytm App
  7. Paytm and Axis Bank hold the right to modify or discontinue the offer at any time without prior notice.

The Promo code:


How to Redeem :

  1. Select the movie, cinema, showtime, and seats of your choice on or Paytm App (Click for direct link)
  2. Apply Promocode AXISMYZONE
  3. Click on Proceed to Pay and select Credit Card as your payment option
  4. Enter your Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card details and complete the payment
  5. Cashback will be credited to the user’s Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card within 7 business days of a successful transaction

Term and Conditions:

  • This cashback facility is available on Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Cards only.
  • The cashback is valid only on movie ticket purchases on the Paytm website or Paytm mobile Application
  • No minimum transaction is required to avail of cashback
  • The following bin ranges are eligible for the offer: 4514 5700, 5305 6205, 4514 5701, 4514 5702, 5305 6206. Bin ranges are the first 8 digits on your credit/debit card
  • Cashback means the credit of certain amounts to the Card Account of the cardholder, in accordance with these terms and conditions as mentioned in details hereunder.
  • Cashback will be calculated at the credit card account level i.e. in the event there is a primary and secondary MY Zone credit card(s) linked to an account, in such cases the cashback shall be applicable at an account level with a cap of Rs. 100 per month / Rs. 1200 per calendar year for the said credit card account.
  • 25% cashback will be offered to the cardholders on transactions on Paytm which are classified as movie transactions under the ‘Motion Picture Theatres’ Merchant Category Codes (MCC) as defined by Visa/ MasterCard/ RuPay. ‘Motion Picture Theatres’ would include only Movie theatres.
  • The maximum cashback that may be received by a cardholder in a Calendar month cannot exceed Rs.100 and cannot exceed Rs.1200 in a calendar year.
  • No reward points will be earned by cardholders on movie transactions undertaken through their MY Zone Credit Card which are classified under ‘Motion Picture Theatres’ Merchant Category Code (MCC) as defined by Visa/ MasterCard/ RuPay irrespective of whether the cardholder has been credited with cashback on these transactions.
  • The cardholder would be billed the complete transaction amount and the cashback would appear as a credit entry in the Cardholders Card Account Statement. The Cashback amount for a given month will reflect in the same month’s statement for all transactions which are settled by merchants two days before the statement date. For other transactions, it will reflect in next month’s statement.
  • The Bank reserves the right to not credit the Cashback amount and downgrade or cancel the credit card account if the spending on the cashback categories exceeds 25% of the total spends of the said card account in a 3 months period.
  • If the customer is delinquent for 90 days past the due date or more, the Bank will debit the entire Cashback amount credited to the customer’s card account as of that date.
  • Returned purchases, disputed transactions or unauthorized/ fraudulent transactions will not be given cashback under this program.
  • The Bank reserves the right at any time, without previous notice, to add, modify or amend all or any of the terms and conditions or to withdraw the facility altogether.
  • All applicable taxes, duties, levies of whatsoever nature in connection with the Cashback facility shall be borne solely by the cardholder.
  • The Banks shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to reverse any cashback inadvertently credited to the Card account without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • In all matters relating to this cashback facility, the decision of the Bank shall be final and binding in all aspects of the cardholder.
  • The Bank shall not be responsible for, or liable to any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges, or expenses, which a cardholder may suffer, sustain or incur in connection with the Cashback facility.
  • All matters/ disputes relating to the Cashback will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of courts/ tribunals at Mumbai.
  • Any person taking advantage of this offer through the valid and active Axis Bank Credit Cards in good standing shall be deemed to have read, understood the accepted terms and conditions.
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