ABPB UPI 5,000 Cashback Offer - Adityabirla Bank

Rs5,000 Cashback Offer, Stand a chance to win up to Rs 5,000 cash back on your first transaction with BHIM ABPB*

Valid up to 30 Jun 2018

How to Install ABPB Aditya Birla UPI App for 5,000 Cashback Offer 

1. Go to play store or click here to download the ABPB UPI app. (#important step)

2. Install and Open ABPB App

3. Now Click on Register And Enter your Mobile no.

4. Now Verification Process takes 1 minutes to verify your Mobile No. and Mobile Device.

5. Now on Dashboard There You Will See Add Bank Account Option-Click On That & Select Your Bank.

6. Now Click On Profile Section at Top left side.

7. There You will able to see Referral Code Option and Apply this 
Refer Code: 9658297320 (#important step) otherwise you are not able to refer anyone.

8. Now Came back to Dashboard and send Rs 1 to Anyone or you can also Send to me using my UPI address: 9658297320@birla

Eligibility of ABPB UPI 5,000 Cashback Offer 

To be eligible, the user has to do any first transaction via BHIM ABPB handle (no minimum transaction value)

Transactions include all financial transactions excluding P2P

Offer only applicable to users transacting through the BHIM ABPB App

Winner Prize - ₹5,000 (direct Cash prize in user bank account linked with BHIM ABPB) for every 2501st user in every 5001 users during the Offer period

Additional cash prizes for every slot of 5001 users:

Every 10th user to get ₹25 direct cash back in user bank account linked with BHIM ABPB
1st user to get ₹1,000 direct cash back in user bank account linked with BHIM ABPB
Maximum of 17,000 users eligible to receive cashback during this offer window

Offer not valid for employees, trade partner, service providers, contractual FOS of ABIPBL, holding an account with ABIPBL

Offer valid throughout India except for residents of states/location where such offers are prohibited under applicable law including the state of Tamil Nadu

Terms and Conditions of ABPB UPI 5,000 Cashback Offer 

Direct cash back in user bank account to be done every 15 days during the Offer period

Winners will be notified by email/ SMS/push notification

ABIPBL has the right to contact the winning users for marketing and promotional activities.

ABIBPL reserves the rights to, without liability or prejudice to any of its other rights, change/modify/withdraw the Offer without any notice and the customers agree to remain updated with the Offer terms and conditions by visiting the ABIPBL website - www.adityabirla.bank

In case of fraudulent/suspicious transactions, ABIPBL reserves the sole right to revoke the Offer.

This Offer cannot be combined with any other offers and cannot be assigned/ transferred to any other person/ customer.

The users shall not hold ABIPBL, its group entities, or affiliates, their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, vendors, responsible for or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses which a user claims to have suffered, sustained or incurred, or claims to suffer, sustain or incur, by way of and/or on account of the Offer, except loss caused due to intentional misconduct or gross negligence on part of ABIPBL.

Nothing contained in these terms and conditions, nor the running of this Offer to which they apply, shall be construed as an obligation on ABIPBL to continue the Offer up to, on or after the time the Offer Period ends.

The terms & conditions of this Offer shall be in addition, and not in substitution/derogation to, the rules/regulation governing the use of any ABIPBL services/products.

If the Offer and/or anything to be done by ABIPBL in respect of the Offer is prevented or delayed by causes, circumstances or events beyond the control of ABIPBL, including but not limited to computer viruses, tampering, unauthorized intervention, interception, fraud, technical failures, floods, fires, accidents, earthquakes, riots, explosions, wars, hostilities, acts of government or other causes of like or similar or other character beyond the control of ABIPBL, then ABIPBL shall not be liable for the same to the extent so prevented or delayed, and will not be liable for any consequences.

These terms & conditions shall be governed by the Laws of India and the courts in Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes related to this Offer
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