Thursday, 23 November 2017

Phone Pe Refer and earn 50rs Per Referal +125 rs for transaction

About PhonePe ??

    PhonePe - a Flipkart group company - introduces a revolutionary way of making mobile payments in India. It works over the Unified Payments Interface(UPI) platform developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)) and is powered by YES Bank. 

    PhonePe is a one-stop UPI-based app which can serve all your payment needs, in a safe and secure manner. Through PhonePe you can link your bank account(s) over UPI and make instant bank to bank transfers by just using a mobile number or unique payment identity – Virtual Payment Address(VPA). PhonePe also provides you with a digital mobile wallet for faster refunds and cash backs from our merchant partners. You can spend your wallet balance or withdraw it into your linked bank account(s) in one quick swipe!

Steps to PhonePe Refer & Earn Offer 50rs per Referal 

1 Download the PhonePe App Here on your android phone & register using mobile number & password. Then create your unique UPI id.

(You will only get bonus amount if you register through above link).

2 REMEMBER: If you have never used PhonePe UPI before then only you are eligible for this offer.

3 Now send any amount to your friend by entering his VPA OR Mobile number. (eg. 1 rs)

4 After successful transaction, you will get Rs 50 cashback in phonepe wallet.

5 Now open left sidebar MENU click on “invite & earn” option.

6 Just Share your unique link with your friends.
phonepe refer and earn.

7 There is no need to enter any referral code.Each Unique Download and the New user will count here.

8 When your friend sends you money for the first time, both of you will get 20 Rs cashback in 24 hours.

Steps to PhonePe Transaction & Earn Offer 125rs per Referal 

After completing steps just follow below steps.
The offer gets 75 rs(50%) and 50 rs(50%) cashback on 1st and 5th transaction.

1. Just send 150 rs to any friend with UPI or mobile number.(you will get 50% means 75 rs back to your wallet).Don't worry you can take back your money from your friend.

2. After this send 3 time back to back 1rs or any amount to your friend.

3. Now send 100rs to your friend and you will get 50rs in your wallet.So its 75+50=125 rs cashback.Don't worry take back all money from your friend.