Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Make your Virtual Visa Card Free & Fast (Online) Earn Cashback,Benefits,Gift many more

About Prepaid VISA

      Prepaid VISA is a prepaid card powered by VISA that is created using the Oxigen Wallet app. It is like any other multiple-use debit card with a 16-digit card number, expiry date and 3 digit CVV number, only that its virtual and saved within the Oxigen Wallet App. Also, the card is secured with a 4-digit PIN number (verified by VISA). After the card is created, the same can either be saved in the app for self-use or can be sent to friends and family via email or SMS.

Here's why you should get Oxigen Wallet Prepaid VISA Card:

It's a VISA

It's a virtual prepaid card powered by VISA & you can create it via Oxigen Wallet App.

It's Prepaid

Prepay using Oxigen Wallet and only spend the amount you add in the card

It's Secure

Backed with bank-grade security, it lets youpay online without sharing your bank a/c details.

It's for Everyone

You don't need a bank account, just the Oxigen Wallet App in your phone.

Steps to How to Create a Visa Virtual Debit Card 


1.Click Here to download the Oxigen Wallet Android app Or You can download Oxigen wallet from google playstore.


2.Open the App and create an account with your own email and mobile number Or you can sign in.


3. Now on homepage screen Click on "prepaid VISA" 



4. Click on "Add new" . But Remember you have to add minimum 10rs in Oxigen wallet. 



5. Enter the card value and pin (Like ATM pin).card value Means which amount you want to pay in online or Larger value. 



6. Now click on "Create card" and Your card is ready now.


7. You can use any where this Virtual card.Just enter these details where need and Take a snapshot for fast use.Thanks for reading. 


Where to Use VISA Prepaid Card?

       Prepaid VISA Cards can be used to make all kinds of online payments, everywhere VISA is accepted. From shopping for apparel, electronics, baby products to travel, food, entertainment and cabs, you will never have to look elsewhere for online payments on-the-go. With VISA inside your Oxigen Wallet, Now Playing 'The Life' is Easy.

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